Pozzies Around Australia


My husband, myself and our then 13 year old daughter emigrated to Australia in 2007 from the UK. We were lucky enough to come here under an army transfer so it was pretty much trouble free.

But let’s take you back to the beginning and tell you the story of how we fell in love with all things camping, fishing and “off road”.

As a couple of Poms, adventure and fishing usually meant being cold and wet sitting on a beach trying to catch fish, or sleeping in a leaky tent. This was usually shared with a heap of other cold and wet people trying to do the same thing. Don’t get me wrong Britain is a beautiful place, you just have to ensure you pick the right day for an adventure!

So when the offer came to transfer to the Australian army my husband and I jumped at the chance, visions of sun, surf and sand forefront in our minds. Our letter of offer told us we would be posted to Darwin. Darwin! Where is Darwin we asked ourselves. After searching the maps we realised it was in the back of beyond……. a far cry from the bustling attractive lifestyle of the northern beaches and sunshine coast.

So that’s where our adventure begins …………..


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