Lucinda Heaven

Who would not want a comfortable bolt hole to stay in at your favourite fishing spot? To come and go as you please, without having to set up camp every time. Somewhere where you can fish all day and come back to air-conditioned comfort, a proper bed and great facilities, with a pub just across the road. Sounds like heaven to me.

Lucinda is an ideal jumping off point for exploring (and fishing) the Hinchinbrook Channel, the Great Barrier Reef and the islands in between. Not to mention great fishing around the sugar jetty (which is the longest jetty in the Southern Hemisphere at 5.76 km’s).

Hinchinbrook Channel

Hinchinbrook Channel

A few years ago, Mike (my long-suffering husband) and I found ourselves heading up to Lucinda on a regular basis to fish. I mean who wouldn’t? Only an hour forty drive from home, great scenery and a fantastic options on where to go if the weather is not too great. So the problem? Well we either stayed in the apartments and villas at the boat ramp (expensive option) or camped out with our boat, tent and all related paraphernalia in the local caravan park (cheaper option).

Whilst we love camping, the time it took to set up camp and the weather in North Queensland (humid nights, hot days and the odd cyclone) was not conducive to a quick and comfortable fishing getaway. We would leave after work on a Friday, meaning nine times out of ten we would be setting up camp in the dark (which has the potential to be divorce material). We would then fish Saturday and come back to our camp hot, sweaty and sometimes a bit smelly (also potentially divorce material!). We would also have to pack down Sunday morning (check out time at the caravan park), so no fishing, as our tent and everything was transported in the boat. So this was inconvenient, it ate into our time out on the water and seriously interfered with my chances of getting as many hours fishing in as possible.

Over the years we realised that occasionally some of the spots had caravans on all year round. After a bit of investigation it turned out that the park owners had one for sale. So after much discussion with the husband (about 5 minutes worth) we made them an offer and signed ourselves up for a lease agreement and the caravan! Our own little Holmes away from Home! (Just for those that do not get it our surname is Holmes, play on words people).

So now we had a caravan (in sore need of some attention), but it did have air-conditioning and the park had all the facilities you could ever want (beautiful shower blocks, swimming pool, bbq’s and friendly staff). Time for Reno’s.


That is where the fun began. I go to Lucinda to fish not to spend time renovating a caravan! My husband, being a very thorough chap likes to get things done in quick time, he cannot bear dragging out jobs. I on the other hand would spend my life (24/7) fishing. Hmmm a potential divorce making situation?


Before Reno’s

So I sacrificed a couple of weekends fishing to assist in the renovations. I know he is such a lucky husband having a wife willing to take one for the team!


During Reno’s

Let’s not mention the fact that buying the caravan was so I could go fishing more often and come back to comfort and luxury! And because you never let the truth get in the way of a good story I will not tell you about the two weekends of hard work he put in to finish the reno’s whilst I was swanning off in Italy with Miss Progress International Australia!



If you want to take advantage of the great fishing in the Hinchinbrook area, stay at the Wanderers Holiday Village, great place to stop and unwind.




Jump, Snatch, Blow and Winch

What are friends for? We traveled the Cape last year and, because we were relatively inexperienced with hard 4wd tracks, we went with friends, the Drabbles. Friends who had done the Cape before, friends who were dinky di true Aussie blue, friends who knew how to get themselves out of sticky situations. We were told “always take a Drabble” and you would never be stuck.

Sounds like a plan yes?

There is  a rivalry between us over the capabilities of our cars, friendly rivalry but a rivalry nonetheless. We, being ex poms, cop some flack over “having all the gear and no idea” in our little Prado. Well thank goodness for our little Prado we say.

On the track we had to save the Drabbles bacon not once but 4 times! Hurrah for all the gear (we did have SOME idea).

Prado had to jump start the BT50 on the morning of our first bush camp on the OTT


Prado had to snatch BT50 out of the Jardine


Prado had to blow BT50 on the PDR (Mr Drabble getting told off by Mrs Drabble)


And Prado had to winch BT50 on Gunshot


The Prado definately got a work out on this trip (so much so she blew her alternator but that is a story for another time)

Fun was had by all! Next time we will give the “Drabble” a service before we take it as we don’t think the “Drabble” was working very well on this trip!