Station Camping

For our first ever station camping adventure we chose Goshen Station in North Queensland. Only 250km’s from home we thought this would be a good place to cut our teeth as they say.

Goshen Station is a working cattle station not far from Blencoe Falls through the Kirrama Range Road. The range road can get a bit rough and slippery and even though it was shorter in km’s to our trip on the highway it took much longer due to the twisty windy nature of the road. But don’t let that put you off, the scenery was amazing, looking out over the region through the rainforest.


Cashmere Crossing

Once at the station we picked up our key and mud map directions to our campsite. The gate to the camping area is locked so you do not get any unwanted visitors (unless you count cattle!). We stayed at the “Kucha” campsite which was very private and we never saw another soul for the whole 3 days (although it was not in school holidays or a public holiday weekend).


Our very own creek

The campsite was spacious and had a fire pit and seating, so we quickly pitched our tent and set about getting the camp fire going to cook dinner. Being June the evenings were chilly so I wrapped up warm (husband does not fear the cold!), set the pot on the fire with dinner and cracked open a bottle of wine (well it would be rude not to!)


Dinner time

In the morning we woke up to a fine mist, but it soon burnt off to reveal a glorious view from our tent. Mornings like these make you thankful that the country you live in is so beautiful and that you can spend time relaxing and forgetting about the big wide world outside.


Kucha campsite

After breakfast I dutifully traipsed down to the waters edge to try my luck at a spot of fishing. Now I knew it was probably a bit too cold for the fishes to give me some entertainment but I still tried anyway (diehard fisher woman, will fish in a 5cm puddle!). So after fishing for about 3 hours (in various different spots) I realised that all the fishes were still in bed so I returned to camp to see how my husband was fairing.


Here fishy fishy

It is so easy to relax and forget the world in a place like this. I was so chilled out that I think I almost forget to put dinner on! We did have rain and it was damp for the three days we were there, but neither of us minded. It was just so unique for us to be away from people, enjoying each others company and forgetting about work, home and all the little pressures of life, oh and to practise my casting (can’t call it fishing because there were not any fish!)


I would highly recommend a trip to Goshen as the area is beautiful, the cows are friendly and the river is perfect. Swimming was out for us (it was a little cold and we are acclimatised to the tropics even though we are originally whinging poms), but the river is idilic and no fear of salties, just freshwater crocs.



Swimming is not compulsory

So for a true bush camp away form the world pop into Goshen Station, you won’t regret it trust me!

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